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The Taste of Montclair - 2017 was another delicious success. Thanks for coming. Remember that all ticket proceeds will go to the charitable activities of the Montclair Rotary Club.
Hope you had a good time. See you at Taste of Montclair - 2018.
Here is a video recap of the event for your enjoyment.
SPECIAL ISSUE - TASTE OF MONTCLAIR 2017 2017-03-29 04:00:00Z


Taste of Montclair - 2017 was a resounding success. Thank you all for joining us. And many thanks to our sponsors, participating restaurants and food/drink purveyors who always give their all to make this event the talk of the town! Watch for news about Taste of Montclair - 2018, bigger and better than ever.
In the meantime, we hope you'll relish this memory of this year's Taste.
THANKS AND SEE YOU AT TASTE OF MONTCLAIR - 2018 2017-03-29 04:00:00Z
The Montclair Rotary Club once again joined Montclair Township's Fourth of July parade in 2016. Patriotic Rotarians included Dalton Chandler, Bob Rinklin, John Lee, Georgia Brown,  Bob Schwartz, and Linda Cranston. Our float was on a trailer loaned by Friend of Montclair Rotary, Andrew Kiel. The float was pulled by Taste of Montclair sponsor Gelotti of Montclair. We owe both Andrew  and Gelotti a big thank you for all of their help this year. 
FOURTH OF JULY PARADE 2016 rfs 2016-08-03 00:00:00Z


We're beginning to plan our Rotary and Taste of Montclair entries in this year's Fourth of July Parade. If you're interested in helping, why not sign up as a Friend of the Montclair Rotary Club? And watch for additional information on  our Face Book page.
PLANNING FOR FOURTH OF JULY PARADE Bob Schwartz 2016-04-26 00:00:00Z


Modern times require modern modes of communication. The Montclair Rotary Club is now part of the New Age. You can now follow both The Montclair Rotary Club and Taste of Montclair on Facebook and Twitter.  
Here are the links:
On Facebook, we're at - 
Be sure to like our pages to stay up to date with new postings.
On Twitter -
Go to
www.twitter.com, then search for and follow
And, The Taste of Montclair has a brand new website at:


We brought a bit of the Irish to the Montclair Inn on Saint Patrick's Day. The Montclair Rotary Club sponsored an evening of Irish music and some snacks with the residents of the Inn. Club members in attendance were Sky LaBrot, Linda Cranston, John Lee and Bob Schwartz. A special thank you to Sky for arranging for the guest singer and for bringing her daughter (our tiny dancer) along as a special guest star.
The Montclair Inn is operated by Montclair Shared Housing Association, a not-for-profit corporation with a broad base of volunteers interested in the development of affordable, dignified housing alternatives. The Inn provides a gracious living environment for 22 single seniors who meet the prescribed income requirements and who are physically and mentally able to independently manage their daily living activities.
ST. PATRICK'S DAY AT THE MONTCLAIR INN Bob Schwartz 2016-04-01 00:00:00Z


Come join us on April 26th from 5:30 to 8:30 for our next Friends of Montclair Rotary Meet and Greet.

Our new Friends of Rotary initiative is off to a terrific start. We've signed up new Friends and continue to receive applications from additional Friends all the time.

We're cooking up opportunities for non-Rotarians to help with many of the service projects of the Montclair Rotary Club. Join us Tuesday April 26 from 5:30 to 8:30 at Ah'Pizz Montclair to find out how you can help with our food drives, painting projects, and the Taste of Montclair - 2017.

The Montclair Rotary Club will have some appetizers for our guests. An a la carte menu will also be available. Ah'Pizz is BYO.

For more information, visit the Montclair Rotary Club Facebook Event Page at http://tinyurl.com/zgnwqy9

FRIENDS OF ROTARY RECEPTION ON APRIL 26TH Bob Schwartz 2016-04-01 00:00:00Z


The Knoll Country Club

June 16, 2016

The Rotary Club of Montclair and Montclair Lions Club are two of the oldest service clubs in New Jersey. We have joined together in a spirit of cooperation, community service and friendly competition to invite you to compete for the Montclair Rotary - Lions Challenge Cup. The Cup will be presented to the best team representing a New Jersey Service Club. If you are an active Rotarian, Kiwanian, Lion, Optimist, etc., you have an opportunity to win the trophy for your club. Put a foursome together and win the trophy and bragging rights.

Even if you are NOT a member of a service club you will still have an opportunity to win any of the Golf Awards and other prizes that will be presented at the dinner following the golf challenge. If you can't join us for golf, come for dinner! Join area business people and residents for a fun day. Profits from this event will be used solely to support several deserving causes in the Montclair area.
Cost for golf, including lunch and dinner, is $150.00 per person. Dinner, alone, is $50.00.
And please consider sponsoring this event, whether or not you plan to attend. Your generous sponsorship translates directly into additional support. Sponsorships start at $125.00 and are a great way to show you care.
A golfer registration form and sponsor form can be downloaded here:
MONTCLAIR ROTARY - LIONS CHALLENGE CUP Bob Schwartz 2016-03-31 00:00:00Z


The Montclair Rotary Club is proud to announce Spring Taste Of Montclair Restaurant Week. The event kicks off on Saturday April 9th and runs through Sunday April 17th, 2016. The nine day event is the Rotary Club’s thank you to the restaurants, food crafters and businesses that support Taste of Montclair, Montclair’s largest charity culinary event.

Spring Restaurant Week coincides with MHS spring break, which is usually a slower period for area restaurants as so many people leave town. With fewer people in town, parking should be a breeze, and those who stay home can discover Montclair’s best without the crowds. 

During Restaurant Week, participants will offer prix fixe menus or other specials to welcome new and past patrons.

Spring Restaurant Week was made possible thanks to the MC Hotel, which is the presenting sponsor of Taste of Montclair. Only restaurants that participated in Taste Of Montclair are participating in Spring Restaurant Week. But. there will be an opportunity the others to participate in events later in the year.

Participants will receive posters and window decals showing their participation. Volunteers from the Montclair Rotary will be dropping off posters and window stickers in the coming days. Of course the club will be sharing details about participants across Facebook (TasteOfMontclair, MontclairRotaryClub) and twitter @TasteMontclair and @RotaryMontclair.  Additional information is on TasteOfMontclairNJ.com.
Restaurants interested in participating in Montclair Restaurant Week or Taste of Montclair should contact montclairrotaryclub@gmail.com .
The April Restaurant Week poster was made possible by a generous grant by Tracey Diamond Designs.
SPRING RESTAURANT WEEK John Lee 2016-03-31 00:00:00Z


To kick off National Volunteer Week, the Montclair Public Library will be hosting Volunteer Connections Day on April 10th, a day to help connect community members with skills to local organizations with needs! The Montclair Rotary Club will be at the volunteer fair from 2:00 - 5:00 PM in the library auditorium. A special guest speaker, returned Peace Corps volunteer and author Raven Moore, will speak at 2:30 PM.
Parking is available in various lots and streets around the library as shown here: http://tinyurl.com/jalrfmb


We love all of the sponsors of Taste of Montclair. One of our loyal sponsors, Java Love Roasting Company, is celebrating the Grand Opening of their new location with a special music filled event from 4pm to 8pm on Friday, April 1st.
During Grand Opening week, owners Jodie Dawson and Kristina Petrick are donating 5% of their sales to the Montclair Rotary Club Foundation. 
The new Java Love is located at 49 Church Street at the corner of Church and South Park. Please drop by to thank Java Love for their continuing support and to savor their delicious beverages and snacks.
JAVA LOVE Bob Schwartz 2016-03-31 00:00:00Z


NEW ROTARY TV AD John Lee 2016-03-30 00:00:00Z
Rotary Youth Exchange

Each year, Rotary Youth Exchange provides about 8,000 young people (ages 15 - 18) the opportunity to experience the cultures, problems and accomplishments of people in other countries. Through this Rotary program, students are given the opportunity to grow as individuals while their concept of the world is growing too. Participants return with a broader view of the world and a deeper understanding of themselves. When these young people become adults, many assume leadership roles in their communities and bring to these positions the benefits of and insights from their exchange experiences. As a result, Rotary's Youth Exchange program becomes a powerful force in the promotion of world understanding and peace. 

Through Youth Exchange, Rotarians seek to provide the best possible environment for students. The program enjoys the advantages of over 46 years of experience and a network of more that 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. This experience and support system ensures the best possible exchange for participants in the program. 

The Eastern States Student Exchange Program (ESSEX) organizes both long-term and short-term Rotary student exchanges for 35 Rotary International Districts. ESSEX works with districts in 16 states in the eastern United States, Bermuda and Quebec, Canada, and exchanges with over 30 countries worldwide. 

Rotary's student exchange offers two programs to choose from, a long-term program which is a 10 or 11 month program and a short- term program which is a 3 to 6 week program.

To learn more, see http://www.exchangestudent.org/

Rotary Youth Exchange 2016-03-02 00:00:00Z
End Polio Now
President Paul Metcalfe recently received this message from 
Dr. Karien Ziegler
Zone 32 Rotary Coordinator 2014-2017
District 7470 Polio Chair
Hello Paul,
I would like to give you a mini update on Polio in the hope that it will remind your club of their much needed End Polio Now contribution.
This year, as of February 23, there has been ONE case of polio in 2016: ZERO in Afghanistan, and one in Pakistan.
But the fight is not over yet.
This year we will again be blessed with a 2 for 1 match by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Please let me know how I can motivate your club to send me their contribution as soon as possible in order for us to help eradicate polio for all the children of the world.
Please make your check out to The Rotary Foundation and mail to me at: 21 Hutton Ave., #2, West Orange ,NJ 07052
Thank you and all the members in your club
End Polio Now Bob Schwartz 2016-02-29 00:00:00Z
Prospective Member Reception - February 23, 2016
The Rotary Club of Montclair hosted a successful Prospective Members Reception on the evening of February 23, 2016 at The Office on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. Eight prospective members attended and each of them indicated a keen interest in the club and in becoming a Friend of Montclair Rotary.
Watch for news of upcoming receptions in the coming months.
Prospective Member Reception - February 23, 2016 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z
Why Rotary Matters to Young Adults

What 30-Somethings need

to know about Rotary

The Central Ocean Toms River Rotary Club enjoys the in person interaction during a club meeting,

The Central Ocean Toms River Rotary Club during a recent meeting.

The Montclair Rotary Club invites all young professionals to learn more at one of our upcoming prospective member receptions, or at one of our weekly meetings. Hope to see you soon.

From a blog posting by Michael Bucca, a member of the Rotary Club of Central Ocean Toms River, New Jersey, USA

You might think that I, a 32-year-old member of a 110-year-old organization, would be preoccupied with trying to modernize my club’s way of doing things. But remarkably, my experience in Rotary is teaching me to spend more energy convincing my generation – which keeps trying to reinvent everything – that there is much to be gained in the lost art of personal connection.

We all use social media in our daily lives. Without a doubt, Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, etc. have great value in our social and professional circles. But long before there were Wi-Fi connections, laptops, or smartphones, a man named Paul Harris came up with the idea of professional leaders getting together face to face to make a difference in their community. The organization that arose from this modest idea took its name from the early practice members had of rotating meeting locations between their offices.

In an era of instant communication defined by not-so-blind carbon copies, accidental “reply-alls,” and desperate attempts to “recall” an email, many people seem to have lost the ability of competent verbal and non-verbal face-to-face communication with other human beings. Making good eye contact and managing a well-timed handshake are becoming endangered skills.

At a Rotary meeting, no one is trying to make a good impression via a text message. We are communicating with fellow members, community leaders, and guest speakers in person. We are networking in the way that was standard long before an Ethernet cable was a household commodity.

Does my Central Ocean Rotary Club in Toms River, New Jersey use texts and emails? You bet. We are always using these tools to organize events, set up meetings, and handle various other tasks. When we aren't all together, we turn to technology to get the job done.

However, for one hour and 15 minutes every Tuesday, we turn our phones off, hold our meeting, and enjoy camaraderie with fun activities such as “Happy Bucks.” One member at a time gives several dollars to the club and speaks about topics they are personally happy about. Think of this as a real-life Facebook status combined with a weekly GoFundMe campaign — except instead of “liking” a post, people listen and sometimes break out in applause.

Joining an organization like Rotary is a smart way to meet business leaders in your community and enjoy the opportunity to help people in need. Becoming a member lets you practice life skills that no social media site will ever provide: interpersonal communication. You might meet someone who will change your life. You may even change theirs. But instead of sending a friend request, you will walk right up to them and say “hello.”


Why Rotary Matters to Young Adults Bob Schwartz 2016-02-12 00:00:00Z
111th Anniversary
We're having another of our popular New Member Receptions. Join us on February 23rd from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm as we celebrate the 111th anniversary of the very first Rotary meeting. Learn more about Rotary and how you can get involved. Prospective members get in for free!
111th Anniversary 2016-02-12 00:00:00Z
Rotary Club of Montclair featured in The Montclair Dispatch
 The Montclair Rotary Club was featured in the January 14, 2016 issue of The Montclair dispatch.
To quote from the article:
"We are proud of all of our accomplishments. These include annual donations to charities in Montclair, an annual food drive, service activities such as painting class rooms at the Montclair Community Pre-K and visits to the residents at the Montclair Inn..."
                                                                                                                                                            The Montclair Dispatch
You can read the entire article at https://montclairdispatch.com/rotary-club-of-montclair
Rotary Club of Montclair featured in The Montclair Dispatch 2016-02-09 00:00:00Z
      Looking Forward To Seeing You At The Manor on March 14th
Looking Back at 2015, here's what NJGreats.com posted on March 25, 2015

The conference center at Montclair State University was buzzing on March 9, when nearly 500 people entered to experience Taste of Montclair. Devil Gourmet editor and raconteur John Lee broke a few rules and packed the house, as he and the team at Rotary of Montclair not only sold out tickets, but brought in $30,000.00 with every cent goes to help those in need through organizations like Toni’s Kitchen, Human Needs Food Pantry and The Salvation Army.

The best and bountiful line up included the amazing Chef Todd Villani's Terre a’ Terre, Chef Bryan Gregg’s Escape Montclair, Fin Raw Bar and Kitchen, who just opened Salugo Bistro in East HanoverAh’Pizz and Brick Lane Curry House. Exciting additions to the Taste Line up included Kona Ice, the frozen treat that was hot that night. Maureen O’Neill’s Asalt & Buttery authentic and original french macarons made a beautiful display and just in time for the new store location opening this week. A must try and great addition to the menu, Stuffed; 100% grass fed organic burgers served bacon jam garlic aioli burgers. The Philadelphia Pretzel Factory also invited diners to taste hot pretzels in many choice dips and toppings; great idea for party or tailgate.

The always crowd pleasing Anthony's Cheesecake went above and beyond. Along with offering three kinds of cheesecake Phil created an antique cheesecake chandelier. And the night could not be complete with out the magical mixology of Warren Boborow, The Cocktail Whisperer. Cant forget the ladies of Java Love Roasters who have redefined the formerly tabu decaffeinated coffee.

Here's to Taste of Montclair 2016; hope to see you there, it will be even better!
Honoring Mike Vovakes
On January 10, 2016, The Montclair Rotary Foundation presented a contribution to HOMECorp in honor of long time Rotary member, Mike Vovakes. Pictures here from left to right are Paul Metcalfe, club president, Marie Vovakes, wife of the honoree, Beverly Riddick, executive director of HOMECorp and Stuart Keil, foundation chairperson.
Honoring Mike Vovakes Bob Schwartz 2016-01-21 00:00:00Z
Friends of Rotary


Would you like to join us, but you're concerned about the time commitment or having to attend weekly meetings - especially at noon time? We've heard your concerns. We are now able to welcome you as Friend of Rotary. As a Friend of Rotary, you can actively participate in any of our activities, including our community outreach programs and events. Want to find out more? If you contact us at montclairrotaryclub@gmail.com, we promise to contact you directly to tell you how to sign up. There is no cost and your involvement can be as much or as little as you prefer. Here's your opportunity for service to the community and to make new friends.


Come join us!

Friends of Rotary 2015-11-11 00:00:00Z
Holiday Luncheon
Come join us as we honor some of Montclair's finest.
The Montclair-Verona Rotary Club
Cordially invites you to join us for the annual
Festive Holiday Luncheon
On:  December 8th, 2015
At: The Upper Montclair Country Club
177 Hepburn Road
Clifton, NJ  07012
At: 12 noon
Police Officer Kevin Ortiz
Police Officer Curt Briscue
Police Officer Garth Guthrie
Battalion Chief Steven Miscia
Firefighter & President of FMBA #20 Sebastian Covello
For their outstanding work, courage, dedication and bravery, and longtime 
service to protect and keep the people in our community safe. 
“Service Above Self”
Please join us and help us celebrate Montclair’s Finest Policemen and Fire Fighters. They put 
their lives on the line for us each day that they go to work. This luncheon gives us the 
opportunity to let them know that we care and that we are thankful.
RSVP by December 5, 2015
Tickets are $35.00 per person.
Reservations can be mailed to:
The Montclair Rotary Club, c/o Juliana Belcsak
25 Underwood Drive, West Orange, NJ 07052
Holiday Luncheon 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z
Visiting Rotarian From Slovenia
The Montclair Rotary Club was delighted to welcome Dragan Sibanc of the Rotary Club of Birnk, Slovenia to our meeting on November 3, 2015. Club president Paul Metcalfe presented Dragan with our club banner along with our best wishes for an enjoyable stay in the States. Dragan is visiting New Jersey, California and Florida on business.  
Visiting Rotarian From Slovenia 2015-11-05 00:00:00Z
Time to Join

This may be the perfect time to join the Montclair Rotary Club. We're deep into planning for Taste of Montclair 2016

 and we're planning for many other community service projects this year.

Come join us!

Montclair Rotary Club's photo.
Time to Join sch 2015-10-11 00:00:00Z
Annual Food Drive - 2015
Montclair Rotary Club Food Drive at Kings Supermarket in Upper Montclair on October 10 and 11, 2015. Thank you to Rotarians and volunteers from Montclair Kappa-League, MSU Bonner Leaders & MHS Key Club 2015/2016. Donated food is going to Human Needs Food Pantry of Montclair, New Jersey and dollar donations will be matched by Partners for Health. Many hands make light work!
Annual Food Drive - 2015 Sandra Soehngen 2015-10-11 00:00:00Z
The Dictionary Project
Here's a wonderful note from Meg Banitch about her involvement with the Dictionary Project.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying Georgia Brown to deliver dictionaries at two Verona schools. If you have not already participated in the Dictionary Project I would urge you to take a little time and visit a school. It is an occasion where you can truly see the impact of our Rotary club. We were enthusiastically welcomed.The students were so excited to get their books that “bedlam broke out” after we hand out the dictionaries. One teacher commented to me that the students will even pull out their dictionaries on break time and quiz each other.  
Some fun facts about this amazing project:
We have given out over 12,000 books in our 13 years of the project.
We ordered 888 dictionaries this year (Yogi's special number!)
In 2013 in NJ, 90,427 dictionaries were donated for a 71% state coverage rate.
In the USA, 2,328,198 dictionaries were donated in 2013 alone!
Georgia single handedly took delivery and labeled all the books this year. Please help her with the upcoming school visits. You will be amazed what a fun and rewarding experience it is.
The Dictionary Project 2015-10-09 00:00:00Z
Carnival Day at Nellie Greer Senior Center
Members of the Montclair Rotary Club ran the games and provided refreshments at Carnival Day at the Nellie Green Senior Center in Newark on a bright, warm day in June. Rotarians helping out included Robbie Furman, Georgia Brown, Tomoyo Rezvani and Bob Schwartz. 
Carnival Day at Nellie Greer Senior Center 2015-10-08 00:00:00Z
Grant To Montclair Shared Housing Association
Montclair Rotarians Robbie Furman (left) and Stuart Keil (right) present a $1,000 grant to Executive Director Joy C. Kay of the Montclair Shared Housing Association. The grant was provided by the Montclair Rotary Foundation from funds raised during the 2015 Taste of Montclair. 
Rotarians visit with residents of The Montclair Inn every month for movies, trivia and other fun times together. The Montclair Inn is managed by Montclair Shared Housing.
Grant To Montclair Shared Housing Association Bob Schwartz 2015-09-25 00:00:00Z
Restaurant Week Continues Through September 27th
Restaurant Week Continues Through September 27th Bob Schwartz 2015-09-23 00:00:00Z
Montclair Restaurant Week

Here's the list of the great restaurants and shops already signed to participate in ‪#‎MontclairRestaurantWeek‬. Watch for posters and decals in participating establishments. But you don't have to wait until September to sample their menus. Like their Face Book pages today and drop in for a bite.

We'll keep you updated as more great places join. And we'll keep this list on our Face Book page, too: https://www.facebook.com/Montclair.Rotary.Club



  •  Brick Lane Curry House 540 Valley Rd. 973-509-2100
  •  Vital Dining 387 Bloomfield Ave. 973-655-9500
  •  Laboratorio 615 Bloomfield Ave. 973-746-6100
  •  Stuffed Burgers 150 Valley Road, Suite #1  973-893-5805
  •  Escape Montclair 345 Bloomfield Ave. 973-744-0712
  •  Tiny Elephant Cafe 54 Fairfield St. 973-774-7252
  •  ​Uptown 596 596 Valley Road 973-744-0915
  •  Olive That And More 246 Bellevue Ave. 973-744-7175
  •  Fricassee French Bistro 6 Park St. 973-744-2191
  •  Corso 98 98 Walnut St. 973-746-0789
  •  Samba Montclair 7 Park St. 973-744-9794
  •  Sweet Home Montclair 623 Valley Rd. 973-746-4200
  •  Manny's Diner 12 Church St. 973-509-9600
  •  Egan & Sons 118 Walnut St. 973-744-1413
  •  Ah' Pizz 7 N Willow St. 973-783-9200
  •  Cupcakes By Carousel 25 Church St. 973-707-2589
  •  Cakeaholic Obsession 324 Orange Rd. 973-619-9320
Montclair Restaurant Week kicks off September 19th and runs to September 27th. The nine day event is the Rotary Club’s thank you to the restaurants, food crafters and businesses that support Taste of Montclair, the club’s annual March culinary event.

As everything we do is about charity, official participants are being asked to donate $50 to the Montclair Rotary Foundation. 100% of this donation will go to the charities supported by the club. Participants will receive posters and window decals showing their participation. This token sum will help us keep track of which establishments are participating. Of course the club will be sharing details about participants across Facebook (TasteOfMontclair, MontclairRotaryClub) and twitter @TasteMontclair.

Donations to participate can be made by check payable to the Montclair Rotary Foundation or with a credit card on our Eventbrite page:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/restaurant-participation-form-for-montclair-restaurant-week-september-19-27-2015-tickets-17925272974

Restaurants interested in participating in Montclair Restaurant Week or Taste of Montclair should contact montclairrotaryclub@gmail.com.



Montclair Restaurant Week 2015-07-27 00:00:00Z
World Water SummitWater


This year's World Water Summit focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools.

Almost 200 million days of school attendance are lost every year because of the lack of proper sanitation. Many  diarrhea cases in children result from transmission of disease in schools rather than at home.

“A school is a place where children should feel safe, not a place where they are susceptible to infection,” says Lizette Burgers, senior adviser of UNICEF’s Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools program.

But the message at the World Water Summit on 4 June in São Paulo was positive: Rotary members and their clubs can make schools healthier places through programs that provide clean water and better sanitation.

“WASH in Schools is about addressing the rights of the children. This forum can help us all learn how to provide a healthy, safe, and secure school environment,” said Burgers. “This will help ensure quality education, because healthy, well-nourished children can fully participate in schooling. It increases school attendance, because students have to spend less time traveling long distances to fetch water. And it encourages children to take pride in their school and community by providing them with a renewed sense of dignity.”

The water summit, the seventh convened by the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group, focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools and provided Rotary members with resources and tips for starting their own projects.

Sushil Gupta, The Rotary Foundation’s WASH in Schools committee chair, explained that these projects aren’t just about investing in infrastructure and improving sanitation facilities. A successful WASH in Schools project is also about advocacy. Rotary members were encouraged, when considering a new project, to focus on hygiene education by finding ways to develop healthy behaviors in youths. Gupta said that children are generally more receptive to new ideas than adults are, and they can more easily change their habits and improve practices within families and their communities.

“WASH in Schools is about revitalizing and bringing revolution in societies,” Gupta said. “These young children can become our agents of change, and help us reach our goal of a cleaner, better, and more educated world.”

At a breakout session, Greg Allgood, vice president of World Vision, a leading nongovernmental provider of clean drinking water in rural areas of the developing world, discussed how Rotary members can develop more sustainable and effective WASH in Schools projects by partnering with NGOs and the private sector. With the support of Rotary-collaborated projects, World Vision helped more than 845,000 children gain access to clean water through $85 million in project funding in 2013 alone.

Other breakout sessions focused on the basics of conducting a WASH in Schools program, the importance of changing behavior through hygiene education, and how to address sanitation needs in schools. Carlos Rossin, director of sustainability solutions for PricewaterhouseCoopers, also provided an update on São Paulo’s current drought and water resources issues.

“Rotarians are dedicating their time and leadership to address the need for basic WASH in Schools programs, and the results are already inspiring,” said John Hewko, general secretary of Rotary International. “These programs create a cycle of opportunity. It reduces hygiene-related disease, it increases attendance in school, it enhances the learning environment, and it contributes to a student’s dignity. This is an opportunity for Rotary to showcase what we’re all about. And through your work, we will be impacting generations to come.”


Rotary News

World Water SummitWater 2015-06-15 00:00:00Z
Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet rfs 2015-06-02 00:00:00Z


JUNE 11, 2015
SIGN UP FOR THE ANNUAL GOLF OUTING Bob Schwartz 2015-05-02 00:00:00Z
2014 Food Collection for the Human Needs Food Pantry

Montclair Rotary at work

Special thanks to the Township of Montclair and King's Supermarket for helping us to raise over $1500.00 dollars for the Human Needs Food Pantry!  Along with the money we collected we also were able to donate HUNDREDS of items of food to help those in need.  
Pictured are some of our Rotarians at work
From Left to Right:  Alicia Robinson, Bob Rinklin and Paul Metcalfe
​Great job to all of our Rotarians who came out to help!!
Special thank you to the MSU
​Bonner Program for all their support!!
2014 Food Collection for the Human Needs Food Pantry Robbie Furman 2014-12-27 00:00:00Z
The Taste of Montclair 2015

Taste of Montclair is coming!!!

Montclair’s largest food-centric charity event,
Taste of Montclair, takes place March 9, 2015.  Let’s put service back on the table:
100% of ticket sales go to the charities
supported by the Rotary Club of Montclair.
The list reads like a who’s who of the best
food crafters and restaurants in the Garden
  • ​A Gardner’s Kitchen
  • Ah Pizz
  • Anderson’s 1949
  • Anthony’s Cheesecake
  • Aroy-D
  • Asalt and Buttery
  • Beyond Pita
  • Blue J Syrups
  • Brick Lane
  • CARS Delivery
  • DeNovo
  • Egan and Sons
  • Escape
  • Fin Raw Bar and Kitchen 
  • Fricasee
  • Gina’s Bakery
  • Greek Taverna
  • Halcyon
  • Jams By Kim
  • Java Love
  • Jersey Artisan Rum
  • Jersey Barnfire
  • Le Salbuen Cafe Market
  • Long Valley Creamery
  • Mac Attack
  • MEAL
  • Mesob
  • Montclair Bread Company
  • Next Door
  • Old Canal Inn
  • Olive That And More
  • Red Eye Café
  • Salugo
  • Salute Bistro
  • Spice Thai
  • Stuffed
  • Tassot Apiaries
  • Terre A Terre
  • The Chocolate Path
  • The Manor
  • The Office
  • Tiny Elephant
  • Toast Montclair
  • Yalo and Me
  • Yogic Chai
The Taste of Montclair 2015 John Lee 2014-12-27 00:00:00Z
Stuart Kiel receives Rotary Award

Stuart Kiel receives Rotary Award

Rotary President Bob Rinklin presenting
Award to Rotarian Stuart Kiel and Mona Kiel

Montclair Mayor Robert D. Jackson speaking

about the dedicated service

of Stuart Kiel 

Two Wonderful Rotarians

Juliana Belcsak and Stuart Kiel

A Special Thank you to Juliana for creating a WONDERFUL 

event, enjoyed by ALL!!

Rotarian Stuart Kiel and his family

Stuart Kiel receives Rotary Award Robbie Furman 2014-12-27 00:00:00Z
Fun Night - New Slate for 2014: The Rotary Club of Montclair
Fun Night - New Slate for 2014: The Rotary Club of Montclair Diane Lilli 2014-06-25 00:00:00Z
Rotary Club To Get Preview of 2014 Montclair Film Festival

Rotary Club To Get Preview of

2014 Montclair Film Festival

Montclair, New Jersey (April 13, 2014) − Raphaela Neihausen, Executive Director of the 2014 Montclair Film Festival, will be the guest speaker at the Montclair Rotary Club on Tues., April 22 at 12:15 p.m.  Rotary meets in the Marzullo’s Restaurant, which is located at 117 Grove Street (corner of Walnut Street and Grove). The meeting is open to public and the cost is $19, which includes a three-course lunch.


Ms. Neihausen worked as a management consultant for seven years, advising Fortune 100 companies on strategic growth. She then produced the documentary Miss Gulag (supported by the Ford Foundation and Sundance Documentary Fund) that premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and went on to be broadcast worldwide. Raphaela is Executive Director of the weekly series Stranger Than Fiction at Manhattan’s IFC Center and the annual festival DOC NYC

About the Rotary Club of Montclair-Verona

The Montclair Rotary Club, which has served the Montclair and Verona communities since 1922, is part of Rotary International. This international organization of business executives and professionals provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace throughout the world. The Club meets each Tuesday at the Marzullo’s Restaurant at 117 Grove St. in Montclair. For more information, contact Club President Eddie Maxie at: maxiea2000@yahoo.com. The Club’s website is www.montclairrotary.com.


Rotary Club To Get Preview of 2014 Montclair Film Festival Robert Rinklin 2014-04-14 00:00:00Z
Every picture tells a story - Taste of Montclair 2014
Every picture tells a story - Taste of Montclair 2014 Diane Lilli 2014-03-20 07:50:39Z
Taste of Montclair March 19 - Restaurant Week March 19 Through April 1st
Taste of Montclair March 19 - Restaurant Week March 19 Through April 1st Diane Lilli 2012-01-03 07:32:40Z
Montclair Rotary Club Helps “Pedals for Progress”
Montclair Rotary Club Helps “Pedals for Progress” Diane Lilli 2011-11-05 15:03:26Z
Montclair Rotary Club Quenches Thirst of Children in Breznice

Here is a letter sent to Juliana for our club. Juliana was instrumental in getting us to donate the money to send life saving water to the children in the village of Breznice. Our club, with private donations, managed to have holes dug, pipes put in, and water made plentiful in this village hard-hit by war and poverty.




Dear Juliana,


Here are a few more pictures that show the finished water project for the Naim Frasheri elementary school in the village of Breznice, in the Obiliq school district. The project was in a couple media here in Kosova, including the main nationwide radio program. On Monday when we had the last meeting with the Director/Principal of the school he said, "Please tell all who were involved here and in New Jersey -- you have quenched the thirst of 430 children." The first day the water was turned on, a week ago last Wednesday, Oct 5, a mob of the children were waiting outside the restroom to be able to finally have a drink of water at school without having to bring it from home or buy it or just go without!


Thanks so much for your strategic help in launching the first water for schools project. Since your funds were matched we hope to identify soon a second project. I will send more information on that as it becomes available.


All the Best,

Rotary Club Prishtina International

Montclair Rotary Club Quenches Thirst of Children in Breznice Diane Lilli 2011-10-21 18:16:05Z
The Montclair Rotary Club Sends Gift of Water to 430 Children in Breznice
  This letter from a distant Rotary Club sends thanks to the Montclair Rotary Club for sending the precious gift of $5,000 to pay for ditches, piping and water being pumped to a school in Breznice, Kosova, that has been ravaged by war and poverty.
This gift is truly a life saving one - and the 430 children who "mobbed" the water are very happy and thankful indeed.
The letter: 

The Montclair Rotary Club Sends Gift of Water to 430 Children in Breznice Diane Lilli 2011-10-21 00:00:00Z
New Website, New Newsletter - Same Great Club


  We have a new website for the Montclair Rotary Club.

  Take a moment to browse, and you'll see how simple it is to navigate.

  If you have any questions, just call Diane at (973) 868-9028.

  Also, you can sign up for your news bulletins to be automatically sent to you.

  To make this process easy for you, a list of tips will be published here.

  Check back in a few days - and have fun! 


New Website, New Newsletter - Same Great Club Diane Lilli 2011-06-25 09:00:09Z
Every picture tells a story - Taste of Montclair 2014
Every picture tells a story - Taste of Montclair 2014 Diane Lilli
Taste of Montclair is Monday, March 10 - Purchase tickets online or in stores
Taste of Montclair is Monday, March 10 - Purchase tickets online or in stores Diane Lilli

It's official: The Taste of Montclair is Monday, March 10, 2014.


Updates to follow!Image

Second Annual Taste of Montclair Announced by Rotary Club of Montclair

Second Annual Taste of Montclair Announced by Rotary Club of Montclair Diane Lilli
Whole Food and Rotary Club of Montclair - I Heart Montclair!
Whole Food and Rotary Club of Montclair - I Heart Montclair! Diane Lilli
Montclair NAACP President Offers Dynamic New Ideas for 2012
Montclair NAACP President Offers Dynamic New Ideas for 2012 Diane Lilli
Rotary Club of Montclair Announces Taste of Montclair and Restaurant Week
Rotary Club of Montclair Announces Taste of Montclair and Restaurant Week Diane Lilli
Rotary Club of Montclair Honors Rose Cali at Festive Luncheon

Rotary Club of Montclair Honors Rose Cali at Festive Luncheon Diane Lilli
Angelic Voices Herald Rotary Club of Montclair
Angelic Voices Herald Rotary Club of Montclair Diane Lilli
Exchange Student Visits Club
Exchange Student Visits Club Diane Lilli
Montclair Rotary Club "Pedals to Success"
 The storm was fierce but members of The Montclair Rotary Club were tougher.

In spite of the windy, snowy day, members of the club gathered to collect donations of bicycles as part of their participation in "Pedals for Progress".

"Pedals for Progress" is an organization that was launched 21 years ago. To date, they have donated not only 132,676 bikes but also 1,950 sewing machines to people in poverty stricken areas around the globe.

Annually, people purchase about 18 million bicycles. What this project does is take the used bikes and ship them to places were a bicycle can be life changing.

The Montclair Rotary Club is involved in numerous foreign and local projects. Locally, the club is deeply supportive of the Human Needs Food Pantry, The Salvation Army (Citadel) and Toni's Kitchen, as well as many other worthy causes.

Recently, when members heard about a school without any drinkable water, the members pitched in to send the funds to not only dig the ditches and put in the piping but also make sure it reached the many thirsty children living in Breznice, Kosova, where 430 children now can take a sip of water easily.

To learn more about the club, visit www.montclairrotaryclub.comImage

Montclair Rotary Club "Pedals to Success" Diane Lilli
Bike Donation Program Takes off in Montclair

The Montclair Rotary Club collected bikes of all sizes last weekend. These bicycles will be donated to needy people who do not have bikes - and will surely make a difference to all who receive them.


Full details once I hear back!Image 

Bike Donation Program Takes off in Montclair Diane Lilli
Members: It's time to Visit Local Schools with Dictionaries

 Once again, it's time to visit third grade classrooms in Montclair and Verona to give out the free dictionaries the Montclair Rotary Club provides.

 Georgia is running this program, and needs your help.


Please call Georgia and tell her which school or schools you can visit - and help get the word out that ROTARY spells COMMUNITY SERVICE in our club!


Georgia may be reached at 973-760-3374 

Members: It's time to Visit Local Schools with Dictionaries Diane Lilli
Read Montclair Rotary Club Newsletter online

 You can read our newsletter online right here on our own website.


How to access the newsletter:


Look at the left side of your home page.


You will see a DOWNLOAD area.

Click on the newsletter you would like to read. For example, the August newsletter is uploaded now, so just click on it to read it at your leisure.ImageewsImage 

Read Montclair Rotary Club Newsletter online Diane Lilli
The Montclair Rotary Club Induction Party 6/28/11
The Montclair Rotary Club Induction Party 6/28/11 Diane Lilli
The Montclair Rotary Club - Holiday Music in July
The Montclair Rotary Club - Holiday Music in July Diane Lilli
Integrated eBulletin for Easier Communication
ClubRunner makes it easy to publish your weekly Club eBulletin, and send to all members and friends of the club, by incorporating home page stories and events with the push of a button.
Integrated eBulletin for Easier Communication Thomas Conk
Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our Rotary Club! 


Welcome to our new website! Thomas Conk