The Rotary Club of Montclair announces dates for the 2012 Taste of Montclair and Restaurant Week. The Taste of Montclair is on Monday, March 19. This event will kick off Restaurant Week, which will begin the very next day, March 20 through April 1, 2012.

Montclair Restaurant Week has raised almost $15,000 for the township's three largest food charities over the last two years.   The event helps the needy, celebrates one of Montclair's greatest resources - it's wonderful restaurants that are enjoyed by customers from northern NJ and beyond.  The financial success of the venture has been because of the dedicated volunteers who run the event, the financial support of sponsors and the diners who eat out in these wonderful Montclair restaurants.   

Join us as we put charity back on the table. We expect more than 40 Montclair restaurants, caterers, dessert shops and others at The Taste of Montclair.

The Taste of Montclair will donate all proceeds to local worthy causes, and the beneficiaries of Montclair Restaurant Week will be the same:  All proceeds from Montclair Restaurant Week will be donated to The Human Needs Food Pantry, The Salvation Army Food Program and Toni’s Kitchen.  Like last year, the restaurants will offer pre fix meals for $31, or less. Every penny of the extra $1 will be donated to the Montclair Rotary Foundation and distributed to the three charities. 

Visit our website, for details. Tickets are an affordable $40 if purchased before March 15, and $50 at the door.