Here is a letter sent to Juliana for our club. Juliana was instrumental in getting us to donate the money to send life saving water to the children in the village of Breznice. Our club, with private donations, managed to have holes dug, pipes put in, and water made plentiful in this village hard-hit by war and poverty.




Dear Juliana,


Here are a few more pictures that show the finished water project for the Naim Frasheri elementary school in the village of Breznice, in the Obiliq school district. The project was in a couple media here in Kosova, including the main nationwide radio program. On Monday when we had the last meeting with the Director/Principal of the school he said, "Please tell all who were involved here and in New Jersey -- you have quenched the thirst of 430 children." The first day the water was turned on, a week ago last Wednesday, Oct 5, a mob of the children were waiting outside the restroom to be able to finally have a drink of water at school without having to bring it from home or buy it or just go without!


Thanks so much for your strategic help in launching the first water for schools project. Since your funds were matched we hope to identify soon a second project. I will send more information on that as it becomes available.


All the Best,

Rotary Club Prishtina International


Image Water is precious - and now these children have it!


Image Digging the holes for the pipes. 


Image Placing the pipes in the ground


Image The School