Montclair Rotary Joins with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to Collect Food for Toni’s Kitchen
Montclair Rotary Club’s Jessica Egenasi (center) helped with the food drive for Toni’s Kitchen. Jessica was joined by Dr. Mike Straker (left) and Marquis Whitney, who are members of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity’s Montclair Chapter. Jessica, Mike, and Marquis spoke with local resident who were shopping at Kings Food Markets on Valley Road. Residents bought non-perishable food items at Kings and donated non-perishable items to Toni’s Kitchen. In a few hours, the Rotary collected over 400 pounds of groceries. For more information about the Montclair Rotary, please contact Lawrence K. Bogar, the club’s president, by email at
Photo by Bob Rinklin for the Montclair Rotary Club
Montclair Rotary Club Collects Food Donations for Toni’s Kitchen at Kings Food Markets
The Montclair Rotary Club thanks the many residents who donated non-perishable groceries during its recent food drive for Toni’s Kitchen. Families and individuals generously bought food items from the Kings Market on Valley Road in Upper Montclair. The club contributed the groceries to the local nonprofit that provides food to neighbors in need. Rotarians received enough food for more than 300 healthy meals plus monetary contributions. Shown in the photo outside of Kings Food Markets are (left to right) Linda Cranston and Jimmy, her dog, Connie Eason, a friend of Rotary, and Georgia M. Brown. The Rotary, which serves the communities of Montclair and Verona, meets each Tuesday beginning at 12:15 pm in the Greek Taverna Restaurant. For more details, contact Rotary Club President Lawrence K. Bogar by email at
Photo by Bob Rinklin for Montclair Rotary Club
Lawrence Bogar Inducted as the Montclair Rotary Club’s President from July 2022 through June 2023
Lawrence Bogar (right) was recently inducted as the President of the Montclair Rotary Club. Bogar is responsible for leading the club and its members during the coming year. In the photo, Past President Paul Metcalfe presents Bogar with the ceremonial gavel that is given to the club’s new leader. Montclair Rotary is marking its 100th anniversary in 2022. Guests are invited to attend the club’s meetings, which are held each Tuesday at 12:15 pm. For more details about joining Rotary visit the club’s website at
Montclair Rotary Installs New Officers for 2022-2023

Montclair Rotary Club has elected and recently inducted its new leadership team for the coming year. Shown seated in the front row are Barbara Hirsch (left), Rotary District 7475 Assistant Governor for Essex County who was visiting from the Nutley Rotary Club, and Georgia Brown, the club’s treasurer. Shown standing in the photo are from left to right Stuart Keil, president of the Montclair Rotary Foundation; Buddy Evans, vice president; Lawrence Bogar, president; Paul Metcalfe, immediate past president; and James Stefanile, secretary. 

Photo by Bob Rinklin for the Montclair Rotary Club

Montclair Rotary Club Installs A New Member
Rotarian Jessica Egenasi recently received the Montclair Rotary Club banner during the new member induction ceremonies. Shown in the photo from left to right are Rotarian Jessica Egenasi, CPA, Rotarian Linda Cranston, who is the new member’s sponsor, and Rotary Club President Paul Metcalfe. Montclair Rotary Club meets weekly for in-person sessions on the first and third Tuesdays at 12:15 pm at Greek Taverna Restaurant, 292 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, N.J. The club holds virtual meetings via Zoom on the second and fourth Tuesdays.
Photo by the Montclair Rotary Club  
Montclair Rotary Marks 18 Years Donating Dictionaries
To Third Graders at Local Elementary Schools
Georgia “Dictionary Peach” Brown has coordinated the Montclair Rotary Club’s Dictionary Project since 2004. Annually, the club provides student dictionaries to kids in Montclair’s elementary schools. Brown is shown outside the Watchung Elementary School after dropping off cartons of dictionaries for third and fourth grade students.
Photo by Bob Rinklin for the Montclair Rotary Club
Georgia “Dictionary Peach” Brown Has Led Annual Effort that Brought 15,500 Books to Pupils
The Montclair Rotary Club has helped a generation of elementary school students in Montclair and Verona get a jump start in building their vocabulary. Over the past 18 years the club, which serves both communities, donated more than 15,500 student dictionaries to third-grade students in each school district. The first groups of students to receive their dictionaries have graduated from high school and finished college.
Montclair Rotarian Georgia “Dictionary Peach” Brown brought The Dictionary Project to the two communities in 2004 and has coordinated the effort the entire time. Annually, Ms. Brown and volunteers from the club distribute student dictionaries to pupils at 15 private, parochial, and public elementary schools in Montclair and Verona. This winter and spring, Ms. Brown and the club’s team delivered a total of 1,401 dictionaries to third and fourth graders in both communities.
Students at these schools received dictionaries this year:
Montclair:                                                                  Verona:
Bradford Elementary School                                      Brookdale Avenue School                 
Charles H. Bullock School                                          Forest Avenue School
Edgemont Montessori Elementary School                 Laning Avenue School
Hillside Elementary School                                         Our Lady of the Lake School
Lacordaire Academy                                                  Spectrum360 School
Montclair Cooperative School                                    F.N. Brown School.
Northeast Elementary School
St. Cassian Elementary School
Watchung Elementary School 
Rotarian Georgia “Dictionary Peach” Brown with Principal James Carlo of the Our Lady of the Lake School in Verona. The Montclair Rotary Club, which serves both Verona and Montclair, has provided over 15,500 student dictionaries to elementary school pupils since 2004.
Photo by Bob Rinklin for the Montclair Rotary Club
Ms. Brown’s enthusiasm for the project earned her the nickname “Dictionary Peach,” a reference to her home state of Georgia.
The Montclair Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 7475 Foundation, both nonprofits, plus donations from individuals have funded the purchase of dictionaries. The total expenditure for the books exceeds $60,000.
Pandemic Disrupts Dictionary Distribution
Typically, the Rotary club gives dictionaries to third graders. But when the COVID pandemic disrupted
that schedule during 2020 and 2021, Ms. Brown decided to expand the project this year to include fourth grade classes in the dictionary distribution.
Longest Word in the English Language
The soft-bound books have more than 370 pages of words and definitions plus maps, biographies of U.S. presidents and information about America’s states and nations of the world. In the past, Ms. Brown brought dictionaries to each classroom and encouraged to lookup a word each day. She showed students that the dictionaries included the longest word in the English language, which has more than 1900 letters.
Ms. Brown said, “I was a natural choice to chair The Dictionary Project committee because I have always loved words. And I am a curious person and good dictionaries have thousands of words plus an abundance of useful information.”
The late Robert Pityo, a longtime member of the Cedar Grove Rotary Club, mentored Ms. Brown in the dictionary project. Brown embraced the project because she believes that learning is a lifetime habit. Dictionaries, she added, are tools people can always use.
During a recent dictionary delivery to Verona’s Lanning Avenue School, Principal Howard Freund said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to give our third and fourth graders their own dictionaries. They hold the dictionary in their hands and flip through pages filled with thousands of words. Students get to discover different words and find out what they mean.”
Rotarian Georgia “Dictionary Peach” Brown with Principal Howard Freund of Verona’s Laning Avenue School. The Rotary Club, which serves Montclair and Verona, has provided a generation of elementary school students with dictionaries that help pupils build better vocabularies.
Photo by Bob Rinklin for the Montclair Rotary Club
Marking the End of an Era
Ms. Brown, who is retired from U.S. Postal Service’s office in Montclair, is completing her last year as chairperson of the annual dictionary project. She said, “I have wonderful memories meeting and speaking with students at each of the local schools. When I hand the dictionary to students, I often see a sparkle of gratitude in their eyes and that makes all the effort worthwhile.”
About the Rotary Club of Montclair 
The Rotary Club is marking its 100th Anniversary year in 2022. The club that serves the communities of Montclair and Verona by supporting not-for-profit organizations, schools, and community groups. Rotarians volunteer their time and contribute resources to aid local hunger-relief and food insecurity programs, affordable housing efforts, the local animal shelter, and programs for veterans and the elderly. Members also sponsor community service projects. For more information about the Rotary, which meets each Tuesday at 12:15 p.m., contact Club President Paul Metcalfe by email at The club currently alternates between virtual meetings and in-person sessions held at the Greek Taverna Restaurant in Montclair.

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Voice of Our Child Founder Speaks To Montclair Rotary
Caroline Verkaik PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Voice of Our Child
Rotarian Caroline Verkaik
Takes Teens on Humanitarian Trips To Kenya
that Builds Self Confidence and Serves Local Villages
Nonprofit ‘Voice of ‘Our Child’ Raising Funds for Young People Suffering With Chronic Depression
By Bob Rinklin, Montclair Rotary Club
Caroline Verkaik, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of the not-for-profit Voice of Our Child, which serves teens and young adults battling chronic depression. Verkaik, who also launched WaterGap – Africa Safaris, discussed the nonprofit’s mission and the tour company’s journeys to Kenya at a recent virtual presentation to the Montclair Rotary Club.
By linking the nonprofit’s mission and her expertise in running safaris to Africa, Verkaik developed an innovative program. American teenagers, some who suffer with depression, go on a humanitarian journey to Kenya, Verkaik’s homeland, where they assist people in local villages. The visitors arrive with school supplies for children and items essential for families.
Harsh Life for Kenya’s Young People
In Kenya, the American teens have a rare opportunity to meet other teens who struggle with day-to-day living in a developing country. The Kenyans face daily food insecurity, lack of clean water and few, if any, books, notebooks or pens and pencils. The visitors are exposed to the huge lifestyle gaps between themselves and the Kenyans who typically make do with just one set of clothes and often no footwear.
Verkaik, who has a doctorate in social work, said, “The trip produces positive changes in our teens, who often give the Kenyans their sneakers, clothes and more. The America kids develop more self-confidence, self-reliance and a positive view of their lives. Parents are amazed at the changes and hardly recognize their kids when they arrive home.”
The Voice of Our Child plans to expand the number of humanitarian trips and is actively fundraising to offer travel scholarships to teens.
Verkaik said, “I’m honored to talk with Rotarians because they are a group of people who truly are about others.” The Kinnelon resident was just inducted into the Pequannock Valley Rotary Club.
Voice of the Child is a mentorship program that is committed to reducing the rate of depression and the occurrence of suicide among children, teens and young adults. Verkaik was energized to form the nonprofit after having failed to detect the signs that her eldest daughter had suffered with bouts of severe depression. Her husband, David, has also struggled with anxiety for years
Voice of Our Child (VOOC) is an international foundation that helps young people maintain humanity’s greatest resource, their minds.
Hosts Virtual Summit Every Saturday
The nonprofit also hosts a weekly video meeting for teens, young adults and their families in the United States and around the world. Each Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. (EDT), the organization hosts and moderates a global Zoom session. Callers share insights, feelings and strategies for living with, and ultimately working through, their depression and other obstacles.
Verkaik emigrated from Kenya to America in 1995. Her first job was a lab analyst at Kodak. She also competed in Mrs.World pageants and was selected third and fourth runner-up, and earned three Mrs.Kenya World titles. In 2016 was named among top 50 women business leaders during a meeting attended by 3,000 women executives from across the globe.
She also earned a 2019 citation from the legislature in Pennsylvania for most influential person of the year,
Rotarians may learn more about Voice of our Child by visiting the website and donations may be made to the non-profit through the website.
For more details about trips available from WaterGap-Africa Safaris go to
The Montclair Rotary Club Reaches Out With Help To Africa
Solar lights in Maasailand
Shown are some of the solar lights that members of the Montclair Rotary Club provided to the tribal people the club helps in Kenya through the efforts of the activists Avery and Paul Mantell.
The lights have totally ended incursions by hyenas and lions in the dead of night, making everyone in the village feel more secure.
Thanks to the generosity of Rotarians Laurence Bogar and Linda Cranston, the lights truly have improved the villagers lives by solving a long term problem!
If you'd also like to help the people of Maasailand, please visit


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