The storm was fierce but members of The Montclair Rotary Club were tougher.

In spite of the windy, snowy day, members of the club gathered to collect donations of bicycles as part of their participation in "Pedals for Progress".

"Pedals for Progress" is an organization that was launched 21 years ago. To date, they have donated not only 132,676 bikes but also 1,950 sewing machines to people in poverty stricken areas around the globe.

Annually, people purchase about 18 million bicycles. What this project does is take the used bikes and ship them to places were a bicycle can be life changing.

The Montclair Rotary Club is involved in numerous foreign and local projects. Locally, the club is deeply supportive of the Human Needs Food Pantry, The Salvation Army (Citadel) and Toni's Kitchen, as well as many other worthy causes.

Recently, when members heard about a school without any drinkable water, the members pitched in to send the funds to not only dig the ditches and put in the piping but also make sure it reached the many thirsty children living in Breznice, Kosova, where 430 children now can take a sip of water easily.

To learn more about the club, visit www.montclairrotaryclub.comImage